About Me

Who am I?

Well the short answer to that question as you may have already guessed is Robert Pink however the longer answer may interest you more even though you may have to carry on reading a little further.

“We are beings, not doings.”

My girlfriend has a wonderful saying coming from her travels in Sri Lanka: “We are beings, not doings.”, meaning that we shouldn’t define ourselves just by what we do each of us is infinitely more complex and interesting than that yet almost all of us define ourselves by what we do for employment or education. I have been guilty of defining myself by what I do almost all my life, my answer to the above question used to be I’m a chef as that is what I did for 90 hours a week, but I have discovered that there is much more to life than just that.

I have led quite a varied life and have had my fair share of ups and downs with my own businesses and my career as a chef, but have only in the last year discovered how much more there is to life and about myself. I have in this time stopped working as much as I used to and have allowed myself to rediscover several old hobbies such as climbing and photography. Also thanks to my girlfriend I have discovered a love of travelling that I didn’t realise I had.

Apart from a week long school trip to France when I was at school and a period of living in France whilst I was running an old business a decade ago, I have never spent any other time abroad. This all changed very quickly after I met my girlfriend, and we soon went off for a week long holiday to Venice, then a week in Gambia, a weekend in Amsterdam before realising how much I enjoyed exploring new places, new cultures and new experiences.

At this point we decided to take the plunge I gave up my job, we gave a months notice to our landlord and started looking to move, live and work abroad. Using my passion, experience and love for good food to find work in interesting places around the world we have just returned from our first major adventure working abroad in the Italian Dolomites. I am now armed with a large cache of amazing memories, an archive of stunning photo’s and something to write about, so I have just started this blog and a new venture, SexGems.co.uk.